hi! my name is jmkdev! i'm a web developer with a focus on Roblox.
this is the homepage for RoKitty, a web app i'm building that replaces the Roblox website. if you'd like to skip the intro and get right to the pretty pictures, feel free.


the almost 20 year old website is lacking, and the new desktop app isn't filling that void.

developers have been building Chrome extensions to improve the website for more than a decade. extensions like BTRoblox and Roblox+ are great, but we can go further.


i saw the issues with the Roblox experience on desktop and decided i could make something better. since September 2022, i've been building an app called RoKitty.

RoKitty is a web app that provides a completely reimagined Roblox experience, rebuilt from the ground up. it's not public yet, but i'm continuing to make progress here and there. it's not a theme or patch, but instead a completely new web app. it's packaged in the form of a browser extension, which means you need the extension installed to access the app.

join in

if you're interested in my mission to build a better Roblox app, here's what you can do:


these are the last 20 images and videos from the #devlog channel in the RoKitty Discord server.